July 10, 2012

Looking Through the Portholes

Something I absolutely love about this boat is the portholes. For about 9 months we’ve had the winter cover on and haven’t been able to see out from the galley; I am so happy to be able to see out of them again! 

Looking through the stern porthole

Looking through one of the starboard portholes

New Slip

We are now settled into our new permanent slip at the harbor. The view is excellent as we’re often treated to dozens of eagles, herons and various sea birds perched on the breakwater.  While I love the view, the best part about this slip is that it is very easy to get into. 

Starboard towards bow

Starboard towards stern

Eagles.... I count 13 in this section

Interior Pictures

The interior/cabin area is getting very close to being done.  The space is finally usable and we’re settling back in. 

In the galley, you can see the area between the top of the walls and ceiling still needs to be finished, two more lights need to be installed and the cabinets need to be built and hung.

The inside speakers have been installed both in the galley and up in the wheelhouse and the satellite radio system Josh got us for Christmas is up and running. 

The wheelhouse just needs a little more trim, the radar re-installed and the various wires secured.


July 9, 2012


On July 3rd, before we headed over to the Intermediate Vessel Float for the fireworks, we had the massive task of removing and/or organizing everything that was still on the bow of the SHAD and taking down the winter cover. 

We made short work of the chopping up the remaining 2x4’s and trim and what wasn’t treated or stained will be used for firewood.  Everything else was either thrown away or stowed in the shop or head.

Dave and Paul worked on taking down the winter cover while I was out running errands and when I returned, it was pretty much down.

Woo! Hoo!! We have been covered since November of 2011; it was nice to finally see ‘er uncovered!


June 26, 2012

Even Closer To Being Done!

We are so much closer to being done in the wheelhouse.  I was able to get all of the painter’s tape down, the curtain rods up and the pallets set in the captain’s bunk last night.  I think the only thing left to do up there is to finish installing the electronics and put up a couple of pieces of trim. It looks beautiful! 


Wheelhouse port side

Wheelhouse starboard side
Captain's bunk

Knock Knock....

Paul and Amy found this AWESOME door knocker for us.  We love it!!  Thanks you guys!


June 18, 2012

More Weekend Progress

Most of the Formica went up over the weekend, and the interior is starting to look a lot more finished!  After seeing it mostly done, I’m glad we went with white in the galley as it really brightens it up in there!  It looks like we have to glue the dashboard pieces and have 2 or 3 more large pieces to cut and glue up, and then the Formica is done.  YAY!!



Spice rack

Wheelhouse, starboard side

Wheelhouse, port side

June 14, 2012

Getting Closer To Being Done!

Every time I am down at the boat now, I realize that we really are getting closer to being done with most of the large projects we're doing. The wheelhouse area is almost finished and the majority of the galley is almost finished. I believe we'll be able to call the wheelhouse finished in the next week; fingers crossed!!

With the new panelling up in the wheelhouse, Dave noticed that some of the existing wood up there really didn't match the new stain.  So, we (he) ;) decided that we would sand and stain all of the wood around the windshield, side windows and bunk entrance.   

I taped off the area around the windshield and side windows to keep the varathane off the window frames and formica.

Here you can see the wood around the entrance to the Captain's Bunk; it really doesn't match at all. 

Got the wood and area prepped for the stain.

Dave was right, it looks so much better with the matching stain!  Now it just needs a coat of varathane. 

I just can't seem to get a good picture of the built in spice rack above the sink.  I'm hoping that when it is all finished out I'll be able to get a better picture.  The back of the spice rack is the bottom of the chart table/drawer from the wheelhouse.  Eventually there will be a cabinet under the spice rack.


June 9, 2012

Made A Lot Of Progress This Weekend

We've really made a lot of progress this weekend and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

We tore down all of the Formica in the galley area.  This will be replaced with a brite white formica.

Formica removed from the engine room door

Formica removed from the galley

Formica removed from the galley

Dave installed a pump to suck the warm air out from above the stove to the head, so now We'll have heat in the head!  YAY!!  The hose runs from the water heater closet, through the wheelhouse into the head.

Heater hose through the water heater closet
We were able to install two of the three 12 volt L.E.D. lights for the galley area.  We're still waiting for Western Auto to get the third light in.  Hopefully the light will be here in the next week!

12 volt L.E.D. light

12 volt L.E.D. light
I can finally say we have one entire area of the boat finished!!  The Captain's bunk is now DONE!!!  We added the trim around the windows, which finished out that area.  I am so excied to finally have at least one area completely finished!!!

Captain's bunk, DONE!
The trim is now up all around the hatch through the wheelhouse roof. 

Trim around the hatch

Chart Light

Dave installed a goose neck light in the ceiling above the chart table.  This light also has the cabablity of switching between bright white and red L.ED.


June 4, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

On Sunday morning, Dave and I went down to the SHAD to put another coat of stain on the ceiling trim that will go in the galley area.  With the cover still being up, it was already pretty warm down there for 7:30 in the morning. 

We finished up the trim, ran some errands and Dave took off for work.

The trim needed to sit for approximately 6 hours before another coat could be applied.  I went back down around 4:00pm to finish staining and do some more varathane in the wheelhouse.

It was still pretty hot on the deck, under the cover, so I decided to put the thermometer sensor out there to see just how hot it was.

The outside temperature is the covered deck area and the inside temperature is in the wheelhouse.  YIKES!

I managed to get a coat of stain on all of the trim, go up and do the varathane in the wheelhouse and do another coat of stain on the trim as it was so hot the trim dried in no time.  Thankfully by then, the temp had dropped to 91 degrees.